Live Production

Sir Corv

Twitch Channel  (2021)

OBS, Stream Labs, Voice Meter

Under the alias, Sir Corv, I host a weekly stream where I create various multimedia artworks. The goal of this project is to showcase the process of trial and error as well as learning that typically is hidden behind the scenes. 

Sometimes, the process is more important than the goal.

A key value of the Sir Corv brand is exploration. In part, the channel is dedicated to all creators who cannot settle on one medium. It encourages these “Jack’s of all trades”, to actively seek creative ways of combining different skills and mediums to create innovative works.

Check out some highlights from the first project.

First Stream Project


In the span of three streams, we created a short animation that was inspired by the play of shadows at night. 

Stream 1 – Designing background assets in Photoshop

Stream 2 –  Rotoscoping using Adobe Animate

Stream 3 – Bringing all elements together and animating them in After Effects