Interaction Design


Cross-Device Maze Game (2023-Present)

Team:  May Yu, Megan Wang, Yoko Yin, Wenyue Zheng, Stacy Cernova, Afroza Sultana (Project Supervisor), Dr. Ali Mazalek (Lab Director)
Role on the Project: Interaction/Experience Designer, User Researcher

Snap-To-Eat is a cross-device game developed as part of the Embodied Digital Media Course at the Synaesthetic Media Lab. Our goal was to design, develop and evaluate a game that utilizes cross-device interactions and spatial device rearrangement to foster an engaging, collaborative experience. 


Ideation and Prototyping

Paper Prototype and Usability Study

Digital Prototype

We adopted a rigorous user-centered approach to develop the Snap-To-Eat Maze game. After designing and testing a paper prototype, we implemented the fundamental mechanics into a digital prototype, such as snapping, rearranging devices and moving objects across screens. The project is currently ongoing, and we are working towards a fully functional game. 

How To Play: Players rearrange and connect devices (through a snapping gesture) to unlock different parts of the maze. They must navigate a mouse thought the maze by dragging it across the connected screens. To win, the player must collect all the berries before reaching the end.

Grave Watcher

Video Game (2021)

Glitch, P5.js

Grave Watcher is a dodging-style game in which the player takes on the role of a watchful crow, assisting spirits in their journey to the afterlife. As the guide, the crow must navigate the cemetery to promptly find young spirits and direct them into the sky. The player must avoid getting caught by the observant guards that patrol the cemetery. To escape their sight, the crow must stay out of the flashlight beam or blend in with the shadows. The game’s objective is to successfully guide all spirits into the afterlife without getting caught or allowing the guards to encounter the spirits.


City Stroll

Interactive Experience (2021)

Unity, C#

City Stroll is an interactive simulation of a midnight walk through a city that can’t fall asleep. The project is focused on creating stress-free gameplay through mechanics and overall environmental aesthetics. The game is designed to encourage a mindful and conscious environment exploration. By interacting with found objects on the street, the player can piece together a loose narrative and let their imagination complete the story of the virtual neighbourhood.