Idea 574

Crow Headpiece (2023)

Blender, Fusion360, Pepakura Designer, Illustrator, Laser Cutting, FDM 3D Printing

Idea 574 is a wearable headpiece inspired by the geometric forms of 3D papercraft and the mesmerizing kaleidoscope of stained glass. The project was a technical challenge and a test of my fabrication skill. The acrylic outer shell presented the biggest challenge: assembling a complex low-poly shape by joining pieces at precise angles. After testing several methods, I settled on designing and 3D printing custom edge joining pieces. This headpiece is a result of perseverance and meticulous labor, teaching me the importance of early material exploration and prototyping. 

Concept Design vs. Prototype vs. Final

Prototyping Process

Fabrication Process

Moth Melody

Interactive Musical Experience,
Ontario Science Centre (2022)

Team: Alex Verni, David Robert, Anthony Baloukas, Stacy Cernova

Role on the Project: Visual/Interaction/Experience Designer, Fabrication Assistant

Moth Melody is an interactive musical experience that encourages players to reflect on the effects of artificial light on moth behaviour. By placing their hand on a lantern to turn it on, players can guide the moth over the flowers to play their own melody.

This experience was developed as part of a collaboration between Toronto Metropolitan University and the Ontario Science Centre. It was showcased alongside the travelling Bug Lab exhibit in April 2022.

Our goal was to create an educational installation that revealed moths as night’s greatest pollinators while calling attention to the disruptive effect of light on their role within the ecosystem. We focused on creating a tangible, immersive exhibit to captivate the young audience and create a memorable, informative experience. 

Concept Design vs. Final



Arduino Creature (2021)

Arduino, LED's, Photocell, Servomotor

Gloom is a fictional creature residing deep in the darkness of caves. The goal of this project was to create a robotic creature with distinct behaviour that encourages empathetic human interaction. 

In total darkness, Gloom glows happily, slowly waving its crown. Once it senses light, it becomes anxious, wagging its crown in alarm. If the human gets too close and the light becomes too bright Gloom will freeze in defence and glow with a threatening red.

The Creature's Circuit