A Few Words

About Me

Hello! I’m Stacy, also known online as Sir Corv.

I’m a passionate multimedia designer and a voracious learner. Throughout the years I’ve acquired skills in traditional and digital fabrication. My curiosity led me to explore countless mediums including painting, illustration, sculpting, woodworking, filming and many more. I work predominantly in visual design and experiment with creative ways to combine different mediums.

While studying visual art, I have developed a strong understanding of the elements and principles of art/design and continue to implement them in my work.

Currently, I am studying Media Production at Ryerson University to further develop my digital designing skills. My areas of study are interactive storytelling/design, transmedia and live production.

Learning and exploration have been my lifelong passions and continue to move me forward.

I hope to explore the creative potential of multimedia and gather new skills along the way. I am always looking for opportunities to challenge myself and interesting projects to take on.