Traditional Art

Folklore Type

Decorative Type (2019)

Ink, Watercolour

The goal of this project was to design a decorative typeface based on a theme. Folklore is a typeface inspired by mythical creatures all across the world. The designs were thoroughly researched and feature creatures from 16 different cultures including Greek, Japanese, Inuit, Scottish, etc. Each monster is posed in the shape of the first letter of their name. 

This typeface is for illustrative purposes only and some designs require interpretation.


The World of AVI

Zine (2019)

Ink, Watercolour

This zine was part of the visual exploration of a fictional world. It outlines the history, species, geography and architecture of AVI.

Infinite Gaze

Sketch (2020)

Pencil Pastels

 An experimental sketch that features a visual illusion of infinity.

So What Now?

Sketch (2019)

Ink, Watercolour

A miscellaneous sketch that portrays the feeling of uncertainty.